Hello world!

Next week I’m going to potty train my cats.  Yes, potty train.  Not in the litterbox.  In the toilet.  A friend recommended a kit called Litter Kwitter, and so next week, we will quit the litter.  I’m really looking forward to it, and not in a crazy cat lady way.

Okay, so maybe in a crazy cat lady way…  is there really any other way to potty train your cat?!? 

Litter is expensive and bad for the environment.  It stinks and chalks up my house.  There is nothing worse than seeing little chalky paw prints across your kitchen counter or table.  Yes, my cats can frequently be found on both the kitchen counter or table.  It is fine.  That is what lysol is for, and anyway, my cats and dog spend way more time in the house than I do, so why shouldn’t they go where they please? 

So at the request of several friends and coworkers, I have decided to create this blog to chronicle our adventures in potty training.  I figure that it will probably develop beyond that initial purpose and continue long after they are potty trained, but we’ll see.  No big expectations at this point.  I’ve had several blogs come and go over the years, so don’t get too attached. 

I will  spend the next couple of days introducing the blogosphere to my “puppy paws and kitty claws” crew (two 4 year old male German tabby cats, Duke and Carter, and a 9 year old Beagle Jack Russell Corgie mix named Albie), and then we’ll start potty training together on 7/6. 

In the meantime, should you have any questions or advice about the Litter Kwitter, please send them my way.  This is a learning process for all of us!  Read about the Litter Kwitter (includes videos) HERE…  and wish us luck!



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  1. Posted by Lesil on June 30, 2011 at 1:28 pm

    They are so cute! Good luck with your adventures! Word to the wise: I’ve given up trying to keep my bathroom as pristine as I like it. It’s a messy, messy process! Maybe it’ll be cleaner/easier with the Litter Kwitter. *fingers crossed*


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