Meet Duke

Duke is the alpha male, and he runs our house.  Hopefully he’ll catch on to the potty training first, and Carter will follow. 

Duke enjoys pizza, drinking out of the faucet, and sucking his lone nipple.  Yes, I said nipple. 

He bosses us all (including the dog) around with little, sharp “mew… mew mew” orders, and he is often perched someplace high (on top of the kitchen cabinets or on the fireplace mantle) so he can observe his surroundings, or maybe just us, his subjects. 

Duke isn’t all business…  he enjoys playing with his toys and cuddling, as long as the cuddling isn’t restrictive.  He prefers to be curled up on your feet at the bottom of the bed/sofa so that he has an easy escape if needed. 

Carter is his best bud, and you can often see them playing, cuddling, bird watching, and getting into all kinds of kitty mischief together.


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