The Bathroom

Duke, Carter, and Albie are already familiar and comfortable with our two bathrooms.  The doors are usually open, and D&C can explore as they please.

Duke and Carter eat in the guest bathroom.  This, of course, will change when they start using that bathroom for potty training.  They also use both bathrooms (and the kitchen) for drinking out of the faucet.  My kitties love running water.

Albie knows D&C eat in the bathroom, and next to the litterbox, that is the first place he goes when he is running loose in the house.  Puppy loves to eat kitty food.  Bad pup!

We also use the bathroom to bathe Albie.  Boyfriend bathes him in the shower.  I prefer the tub.  So Albie spends one day a week or so in either bathroom.  This could be an impediment to potty training. 


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