First Night

One of the reasons I started potty training in the evening, even though the dvd recommended closely supervising your cats at first, is because my cats are very independent and curious.  I wanted to give them time to explore the Litter Kwitter, which I knew they would do during the night.  This cat lady’s intuition was right on – they both used the new box last night!  No #2 yet, but I’ll take what I have so far.  At least they know what the Litter Kwitter is now (at least this step of it) and where to find it. 

I did go into the guest bathroom this morning and was followed by both kitties.  In order to reward their progress, I gave them each a Greenie cat treat.  They were both purring and even seemed a little proud.  I don’t think they know what is going to happen over the next 8-12 weeks, but they’re definitely aware that their crazy momma is up to something.  As long as they play along, we’ll be fine. 

So now it is back to waiting…  we’ll see how they do while I’m at work today.


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