Yesterday (first full day with the Litter Kwitter step 1) went really well.  Bf worked from home and was able to supervise the kitties all day.  They are both now using the box for everything.  Actually last night, they used it for a little too much.  It is super tiny and probably best for one cat, but with two big, healthy boys, it is too small. 

So I woke up to a mess on the floor around the box.  It isn’t hard to clean up.  Litter Kwitter advises using a non-ammonia cleaning product.  I swept up the dry mess outside the box.  Picked up the wet mess with a paper towel, and then I used a natural all-purpose cleaner on the floor.  I refilled the litter, and they’re good to go.

Oh and I can’t remember where I read it, but I use an old slotted spoon from the kitchen to clean the box.  It is just too small for a regular scoop, and it is shaped like a toilet to no 90 degree angles.  When you’ve scooped a litterbox your whole life, there is a slight adjustment to be made for scooping a shallow, oval-shaped bowl.

I use the spoon to scoop the flushable litter right into the toilet.  Then I clean it with the same all-purpose cleaner I used on the floor.  I keep it nearby.  It is important to keep the Litter Kwitter as clean as possible during potty training. 

If all goes well today while we’re both at work, I’m going to move the Litter Kwitter onto the top of the toilet tonight.


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