In addition to the Friday night accident, they’ve had a few in the bathtub in the guest bedroom.  I use the term accident very loosely because there is nothing accidental about them.  My cats are smart and deliberate.  If they are using the bathroom in the bathtub, I’m pretty darn sure it is completely intentional. 

I guess, what I need to figure out is why.  Did I put the box up on the toilet too quickly?  Is it not clean enough?  Was someone on it and the other didn’t want to wait?  Or was someone just trying to send me a message? 

It is probably the latter, but luckily, I can be just as stubborn as they can, and I’m not giving up.  The old litterbox has been retired to the garage, and it is not coming back anytimg soon. 

Their behavior has been completely normal.  They’re still my sweet, inquisitive, smart, cuddly boys.  They’re not wandering around aimlessly looking for their old litterbox or attacking me with claws out.  Other than the accidents in the bathtub, their lives do not seem to have been disturbed or interrupted by the potty training.





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