Wild Child

Carter sure is cute, and he knows it.  Like I said before, Carter is my baby, and I’ve never made him do anything he didn’t want to do before, so I anticipated that he would be my potty training-problem child.  I was right.  Carter has taken to using the bathtub for #2.  This morning he did it right in front of boyfriend.  No shame.

It is a miracle that Carter even goes to the bathroom at all…  he’s constantly eating plastic bags, tape, paper, flip flops…  I’ve never have a cat behave this way.  Of course, we try to keep all of these things out of his reach, but every once in a while, he finds something bad to eat.  I hope Carter doesn’t learn “curiousity killed the cat” the hard way. 

No matter how closely I watch him, he is always getting into something.  I need to come up with a way to channel all of his energy into something productive, like potty training!  Or creating a new form of energy…  or bringing peace to the Middle East!  I have no doubt that Carter is smart enough to learn to use the potty, but will he have the focus?


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  1. Posted by Norwegiangirl85 on July 18, 2011 at 11:59 am

    Both my birmans, especially my girl eats on everything!!! I know how annoying this is and dangerous aswell. Have you read about Pica? I think that is what our cats have and there are several reasons why cats get it…Google it on the web and see 😉


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