Dog Days

While we’re still working with the kitties on potty training (nothing much has changed, we’re still using the Litter Kwitter on top of the toilet… look forward to moving to the next step Friday or Saturday), it seems like our week has been consumed by Albie.  He went to the groomer on Monday and looks fabulous! 

However, he came home with a little limp.  Not knowing his age or his medical history prior to September 2009 when we adopted him, I’m always extra cautious.  So he is on pain pills and peanut butter, extra cuddles (he’s laid in bed and watched tv 2x already this week, that’s a big treat for him!), and slow early-morning and late-night walks because of the heat.  Earlier this week, the heat index reached 119 in Louisville! 

Albie seems to be feeling better, but with him, it is hard to tell.  He is always happy and smiling (unless you’re a stranger… in that case, he is barking and growling while trying to bite you!) and ready to play.  So we’re taking it easy and trying to keep him as cool and comfortable as possible…


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