Puppy Paws

It isn’t all Kitty Claws in our house.  While the cats progress with their potty training, Albie remains his cute, curious, and energetic self.  At the moment, he is entertaining us with his melodic Beagle howl.  Actually, we’re in the middle of a thunderstorm, and he isn’t a big fan, so he howls to make sure we all know.  I think the whole neighborhood knows by now!

He even found himself the center of the attention on Thursday when I had a friend over, and we decided to dress him up in one of his Halloween costumes.  Meet Albie the Squirrel…

Albie seems mostly uninterested in our whole Litter Kwitter Mission.  However, he had no problem finding the cat food that was relocated from the guest bathroom to the master bathroom, and he doesn’t seem to miss the litterbox where he loved to “treasure hunt”. 

Alles klar in Albie’s little world.


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