Back to Square One

I think the time has come to stop pretending Carter will magically catch up with Duke.  I cannot deny it any longer.  The bathtub has become Carter’s litterbox, and while that is better than the carpet or wood floors, it is not okay.  It is actually pretty gross, even if it is the in the guest bathroom.  Still bad.

I’m going to take a few steps back and start the LK process over.  This is what LK recommends doing when one cat falls behind.  Knowing Duke, this is not going to impede his progress.  He is still my smart little toilet-user, but hopefully starting over will give Carter a chance to join him.  Carter sure is cute…


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  1. Posted by Norwegiangirl85 on August 25, 2011 at 11:01 am

    Hi, I’ve been reading your blog and can see that maybe you went a bit too fast for your slow learner.(Most of us do when we haven’t done this before) I know how it feels to want to move on when the other cat is so much easier…Don’t know why, but it seems that everytime someone is training two cats, there is one “good” and one “bad” :p …I think that if you do this again and work more with your problem cat you can definetively pull it trough, just read about the cardboard method in the LK forum, it has some really good advice…Another way of training is using a mock toilet, I think that if I’m ever going to train a new cat I will try that method instead of the Litter Kwitter since it seems less stressful for the cats…Here is a link of a really good website, she has a video of how to make your own mock toilet:


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