Fat cat, fat cat

Today, Duke and Carter went to visit their friends at Springhurst Animal Clinic for their annual exams.  Duke did great at the vet.  He was his usual take-charge self.  After his shots, he decided he needed a quiet, private place to rest, so he opened up the cabinet and went inside. 

Carter was also good at the vet.  He was a little bummed after his shots, so he put himself to bed to rest in his crate.

Overall both boys were happy and healthy.  The vet kept saying how beautiful and good they were (making me a proud momma), but…  and it is no big secret, they are overweight.  Duke has only gained a few ounces since last year.  He went from mid-15lb to right at 16lb.  Carter’s weight gain was a little more disconcerting – he gained a full pound.  He is now right at 17lb… my poor, sweet, fat little prince. 

Needless to say, both boys are starting a new diet tomorrow.  The vet recommended a high protein food by Taste of the Wild  (http://www.tasteofthewildpetfood.com/), so after work tomorrow, I will pick it up.  I will blend it into their food while decreasing the quantity for the next couple of weeks, and then they’ll each be on 1/2 cup of the new food a day. 

They’ve always been big boys, but at their last couple of annual exams, the vet’s goal was to have them stay at their current weight, not to lose weight.  This is the first year that the vet wants them to lose weight.  D&C are very particular about what they eat and how often, so I think this is going to be a challenge, maybe more of a challenge than toilet training.  We’ll see…  stay tuned!


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