D&C’s weight gains over the last couple of years has all of us concerned, and I think that needs to be our priority right now.  We need to focus on switching and decreasing food, cutting out treats (except fresh vegetables), and increasing exercise.  With the boys best interest in mind, we have decided to put toilet training on hold and return their litterbox.  I think they’ll adjust to the transition just fine, and if Duke wants to continue using the toilet on his own, we will support that while making the litterbox available for Carter.

I will continue to blog our feline and K9 adventures, and I plan on revisiting toilet training after the cats have had a few months to adjust to their new diet and hopefully lose some weight.  Plus, I have an extremely busy work schedule this Fall with travel and events, and I will not be able to give their toilet training the supervision it requires.  I think mid-November is a good time frame to assess their weight loss and my schedule and consider returning to toilet training.


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  1. Posted by lindy baird on August 12, 2011 at 10:59 pm

    My cat needs to go on a diet, too. Presently, he eats about 3/4-1 cup of food a day. When his bowl is empty he “stalks” me until I give him more. Sometimes he will only eat a bite then walk away, but he just thinks there needs to be food in it at all times. I would like to cut his food down, but I don’t want him to think I am being mean or depriving him. Do your cats “ask” for more food and how do you handle that when they don’t need it? I know getting him to a healthy weight IS showing love for him, but he doesn’t know that. 😦


  2. They were eating 3/4 cup of food each a day. I would feed them 1/4 cup three times a day. It was suggested years ago by a vet. Dividing their meal times during the day helps keep their metabolism going… now they’re on a leaner food (99% protein and almost no carbs) and only getting 1/2 cup each a day. I feed them 1/4 cup for breakfast and 1/8 cup for dinner and bedtime snack. They eat at 7a, 5p and 10p… on the dot. They don’t ask for food. They SCREAM for it. They scratch, attack your feet, knock everything off every surface they can find, and cry until they get food. I ignore it if it isn’t a mealtime. The vet says it will take about 3 weeks for their stomachs to adjust to the smaller portions, but that the food is better so they will ultimately feel more full. They really seem to enjoy their food but want MORE of it.


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